a brand new iteration of the traditional mahjong game

mahjong is a popular entertainment game whose history traces back to three or four thousand years ago, and is still loved to this day all over china, as well as around the world. designer li tian of furniture brand ziihome is a mahjong enthusiast who wishes that the game would be reinterpreted in a more modern way, adopting the design of the machine of neaten cards, while still preserving its unique oriental charm. to make this idea come to life, ziihome collaborated with treyo, the largest enterprise in the neaten card machine industry, to create a brand new iteration of the mahjong game. dubbed ‘fortune machine of neaten cards’, the product presents itself as the combination of new design and technology in line with the development of the times and traditional elements.

fortune machine of neaten cards

combining traditional aesthetics with minimalist touches and chinese charm

as the founder and leader of the machine of neaten cards, treyo has been committed to providing the public with a higher-quality mahjong entertainment experience and promoting mahjong culture in general. meanwhile, ziihome (find more here) seeks to provide people with high-quality, original, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products that respond efficiently to people’s aesthetics and living habits. the two companies have partnered to jointly develop and provide users with a more diverse and higher-quality machine of neaten cards.

this new collaborative product takes shape as a furniture piece with traditional aesthetics, combined with modern minimalist touches. geometric shapes, and natural materials complete its form which exudes a calm and atmospheric character, as well as chinese charm. the fortune machine of neaten cards is made of solid black walnut with fine texture and is decorated with black ash wood and metal. the piece showcases a functional T-shape, while the barrel-shaped base at the bottom uses a metal frame to provide effective support and stability to the entire structure. at the same time, this specific shape preserves a certain amount of leg room.

the fortune machine of neaten cards is equipped with the T4 movement of queyou, which is also the most technologically advanced movement in the industry, with the advantages of being safer, quieter, and more comfortable. this movement has a self-developed special silent noise reduction motor, which has passed 100,000 running tests in the laboratory, with strong power and smoothness. at the same time, the PTC heating and dehumidification function is added, which can effectively remove the moisture on the surface of the mahjong tiles. the whole machine adopts all-copper wires to eliminate potential safety hazards from the source.

the designer named fortune machine of neaten cards because there is an idiom in china: 时来运转. it means that the original situation was unfavorable, the time has come, the fate has also changed, and the situation has changed a lot. through this product, the designer hopes to bring good luck to the players.

playing mahjong is a popular entertainment game

the nameplate is engraved with the logos of treyo and ziihome

the solid and thick body shape is derived from the bronze wares of ancient china

the setting of the drawer is more suitable for the storage of small objects during mahjong games, and even a smartphone can be placed

the fortune machine of neaten cards adopts the T4 series movement of treyo

project info:

name: fortune machine of neaten cards
designer: tian li
brand: ziihome
in collaboration with: treyo

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