New submitter Ol Olsoc writes: “When the Mozilla Foundation took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to announce it was going to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations, it likely didn’t think about potential blowback from one of its founders, but that’s what it got,” reports TechRepublic. “In response, Mozilla has said it’s pausing cryptocurrency donations.” Wikipedia is now discussing whether it should stop accepting Cryptocurrency as well.

Mozilla co-founder Jamie Zawinski has some strong feelings about the matter, [telling TechRepublic]: “Anyone involved in cryptocurrencies in any way is either a grifter or a mark. It is 100% a con. There is no legitimacy.” I cannot disagree with him. Zawinksi tweeted scathing criticism of a Mozilla tweet late last month promoting cryptocurrency donations. They first started accepting bitcoin for donations in 2014.

Here’s where Wikipedia comes in: “Shortly after Zawinski’s tweet and Mozilla’s change of heart, Wikipedia editor GorillaWarfare opened a request for comment on Wikimedia’s meta-wiki calling for the organization to stop accepting cryptocurrency donations, citing Zawinski’s tweet and Mozilla’s reaction,” reports TechRepublic. “Zawinski has read the Wikipedia talk page about the discussion and says he hopes it indicates the beginning of a trend.”

He added: “I’m actually a bit surprised (and pleased) to see that the conversation seemed to be going in an anti-cryptocurrency direction. Good for them.”

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