Just before the sun changes signs, the climax of Capricorn season comes with a full moon in Cancer on Monday, January 17, at 6:48 PM. This full moon will be facing off with power planet Pluto, making it the perfect time to purge. There are things in our closets that are weighing us down, so take a moment to bid them farewell and let it go! The full moon in Cancer is a time to get cozy, and there may be some things getting in the way of your comfort that need to be addressed.

On Tuesday, January 18, Uranus, the planet of surprises, finishes its retrograde at 10:25 AM: As an outer planet, Uranus spends most of its time retrograde, so the days that it appears to change direction are more important than the actual retrograde periods. As Uranus changes direction, expect the unexpected!

Aquarius season begins on Wednesday, January 19, at 9:39 PM. In the northern hemisphere, the coming weeks mark the dead center of winter! Mental resilience and patience are themes of Aquarius. It can also be a time of cabin fever, so look for ways to find stability and inner peace.

Mercury is retrograde, brining delays and miscommunications, but also new insights and reflections. Mercury meets the sun on Sunday, January 23, at 5:28 AM and a message communicated differently is understood with more clarity.

All times ET.

Aries (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season puts you at the top of your game, and with the last few days of Capricorn season this week, you’re charging at your goals with full force! The full moon turns up the intensity, however gently! There is a lot going on behind the scenes, at home and in your family, that gets your care and attention. This full moon faces off with power planet Pluto, so the things that come to fruition can bring an awareness of your shadow. Sometimes you take forever doing your hair only to forget to check the back of your head. Your energy shifts as Aquarius season begins, which can put you in a more hopeful, future-thinking mood. It’s a time to connect with your goals and intentions, and even reinvent old ones, too.

Taurus (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season connects you to your beliefs and education, and these themes intensify over the final few days of Cap season. Important conversations reach their peak as the full moon in Cancer illuminates your chart’s house of communication. This could be a time of intense reflection and self-awareness: Journaling, therapy, or conversations with someone you trust can tune you into your own mind state in a way that is transformative and empowering. The planet of surprises, Uranus, ends its retrograde in your sign, so embrace your quirks! Aquarius season begins, bringing your focus to your career and reputation. You will be more in demand. You get a better understanding of things that have been delayed or miscommunicated as the sun meets with retrograde Mercury.

Gemini (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season isn’t the easiest time for Gemini as the sun moves through your chart’s house of transformation. Capricorn season could mark a time when your partners are also dealing with financial issues that affect you. The full moon in Cancer illuminates what you have to offer, which doesn’t have to be money. It could be that you are a precious resource in yourself. Insecurities concerning money and the hierarchical material world can be released in order to feel more connected with yourself and your partners. Capricorn season ends as the sun enters fellow air sign Aquarius, bringing your focus to broader horizons. Travel and education are on your mind. Retrograde Mercury meets with the sun, sending you insights about details outside of your locality.

Cancer (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn is your opposite sign, so this season has you focusing more on your partners (romantic and otherwise). The full moon falls in your sign, Cancer, illuminating how your partnerships make you feel! In a relationship, you are the most important player. This is a time that you are called upon by your relationships to show up and be present. This full moon faces off with power planet Pluto, so you can shine a light on things that are often unspoken or go unnoticed. This might just be the thing that takes your trust in others to the next level! The sun moves into a very intimate sector of your chart, which will teach you lessons about sharing and receiving help, too. The coming weeks are a prime time to be humble and ask for help—you will receive it!

Leo (January 17 – 23)

You hit the ground running on the new year, and now it’s time to pay attention to things that fell through the cracks while you were busy. The full moon illuminates a peaceful, solitary sector of your chart, bringing your awareness to your need for rest and quiet time. There can be major transformations in your definition of productivity, or what it looks like to you, as the full moon faces off with Pluto. Your focus moves toward your relationships, platonic or otherwise, as Aquarius season begins. Old conversations get new life and meaning as the sun meets with retrograde Mercury, giving you clearer insights on what your partners are thinking.

Virgo (January 17 – 23)

Enjoy the final few days of Capricorn season as the sun illuminates your chart’s house of pleasure! This is a time to share the things that make you happy with your community. The full moon in Cancer puts you in a generous, hopeful mood as it illuminates your chart’s house of hopes and dreams. Take a moment to look at your fears, and even express them, as the full moon faces off with power planet Pluto. Once you have awareness of your goals, you can shift gears into Aquarius season, which brings your focus to your daily habits and routines. As retrograde Mercury meets with the sun, you are able to come up with a new approach to your tasks that makes more sense.

Libra (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season is a time for you to get your home base organized so that it becomes a place of rest, and that everything runs smoothly. These missions come to fruition during the full moon in Cancer, which illuminates your chart’s fame sector—you might be getting some recognition! Or maybe it’s a time for you to share your secrets, as it opposes power planet Pluto. It’s a potent moment to get rid of some material items you no longer need. The sun moves into fellow air sign Aquarius, giving you more space to have fun with the things that make you happy. Playing games, making crafts, and flirting are all appropriate Aquarius season activities for you.

Scorpio (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season puts a lot on your mind! It’s a busy time to get chores done, and there are a few days left of that energy this week. The full moon in fellow water sign Cancer gives you an ability to see your ideas from a wider angle. Maybe it’s time to show the world what you know, or to venture out for more information. Whenever you share things that are weighing on your mind or worrying you, you can release the power that certain thoughts or thought patterns have. Surprising connections come into your life via your relationships as Uranus ends its retrograde. You might be in the mood to hibernate or pay more attention to your home and family life as the sun moves into your chart’s domestic sector. This begins a new chapter in your search for rest and purification.

Sagittarius (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season is all about the material world and all of its limitations, including time and energy, but also money and jewels. There are only a few days left! The full moon in Cancer gives you faith that others can take care of you and provide for you, or that there will be some grace, or shelter, if you ever feel like there is scarcity or lack. Your relationships and connections keep you protected. This full moon can be a moment of understanding your fears about money or material limitations. This release or acceptance can be life changing! As the sun moves into an intellectual sector of your chart, you begin a new chapter in your research, writing, and mental wellbeing.

Capricorn (January 17 – 23)

Welcome to the final week of Capricorn season! Before the sun changes signs, your personal projects get a final push and urgency. Your relationships reach a point of fruition during this week’s full moon, which illuminates your chart’s house of partnerships. All relationships are under scrutiny, not just romantic ones. By reflecting on patterns in your relationships, you can learn more about your own impulses, since this full moon faces off with Pluto, the planet of secrets. It will clue you into your own shadow. Once you have shared the secret, it can’t have power over you anymore! It can bring relief to let it go. With Aquarius season beginning, you’re starting to focus more on your finances and other resources, getting a clear perspective on how you spend your time and money.

Aquarius (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season is a time of rest and retreat, and this is its final week. The full moon illuminates your chart’s house of work and daily routine, bringing something that you’ve been steadily working on to fulfillment. This can also be a good time to get a better understanding of your own habits and daily rhythms. The insight you get from paying attention to your habits can be life changing, since this full moon faces off with Pluto, the planet of transformation. The planet of surprises, Uranus, ends its retrograde in your chart’s house of home and family and there can be some unusual things happening around the house. The sun enters your sign, Aquarius, and it’s your turn to shine! The time around your birthday is that of self-awareness and pride.

Pisces (January 17 – 23)

Capricorn season helps you get serious about the future and all of your friends that are going there with you! The full moon in fellow water sign Cancer connects you with the things that bring you pleasure: art, friends, and lovers. This full moon faces off with power planet Pluto, which could have you reading extra deep into social dynamics. If something makes you uncomfortable, a full moon is a good time to let it out! Mercury retrograde has you rummaging through things in the back of your head, anyway. As Aquarius season begins you can be more focused on your mental health and alone time. You’re able to get a better look at thoughts that have been repressed, or that are taking up too much space in the back of your head.

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