Sh_t Happens Short Film

Yeah, it’s true, sh_t does happen. This mesmerizing Czech short film is a superbly creative, quirky, amusing animation creation that is worth your time. Sh_t Happens was made as a graduation project by animation filmmakers Michaela Mihályi & David Stumpf. It premiered in 2019 at the Venice Film Festival, then stopped by a bunch of other fests, including Sundance, L’Étrange, and the Brussels Animation Film Festival. It’s set at apartment building full of self centered inhabitants. Utterly exhausted caretaker and his sexually frustrated wife. Widowed deer drowning his sorrows in loads of alcohol. While trying to cope with problems, they find themselves in a hard to solve triangle asking for absurd and irrational solutions. The consequences can easily become permanent, sometimes maybe too permanent. I always enjoy off-beat animation like this, so absurdly creative and alluring. Just watch out – this is definitely NSFW, it has lots of sex & nudity. Enjoy. ›››

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