“You taste like screwdrivers.” Awww aren’t they adorable? Fighting all friendly and cuddly like that. A kick ass little Canadian animation studio called Little Mountain Animation made two amusing 30-second short videos riffing on Pacific Rim. They ask: What If Pacific Rim Was Cute? The first video dropped last year, and the second one just showed up this week and they’re both must watch. The “kaiju” cute green dino in this is actually from one of LMA’s other projects called Big Dinosaur, though perfectly reused for this series of adorable videos, too. But this one is all about the cuteness: “We explore some really interesting questions in this one. We love giant robots. We love giant monsters. But what if they were cute?” Well, now we know! And it’s amazing! I agree, “we need this to be a real movie.” Maybe it could happen? Who knows. ›››

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