“The top of the primordial ecosystem. A god.” The modern era of Godzilla began with Gareth Edwards’ epic Godzilla, originally released in 2014 by Warner Bros. This was two full years before Japan responded with their own Shin Godzilla movie. This Godzilla also introduced an in-universe “secret scientific organization” called Monarch. The history of this organization is shown in the intro and discussed throughout this movie and its sequels. A design company called Prologue Films has released the clean version of their Godzilla montage and introduction to Monarch, that was re-worked into the opening credits for the Godzilla movie. There’s an extra unseen shot or two in here, but most of all it’s just cool to see the original version of this in full detail. There’s so many historical bits and fun teases worked into this video – fire it up below and enjoy. ›››

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