“There isn’t much time… and you’re deteriorating very quickly. Lionsgate has revealed an official US trailer for Expired, an intriguing sci-fi thriller from Australia set in the future in a “neon-drenched” world similar to Blade Runner. In a futuristic Hong Kong, young assassin Jack crosses paths with a nightclub singer. As Jack becomes increasingly drawn to April, his body mysteriously deteriorates. Jack tracks down reclusive life extension scientist Dr. Bergman, who unearths Jack’s long buried secret and is forced to confront his own murky past. “Every frame encourages life and emotion, an optimism as much as heartache, of what could be, and what will be.” Ryan Kwanten and Hugo Weaving star with Jillian Nguyen as April. This looks very cool, I can’t deny with this footage, I just hope the rest holds up. This trailer also has a rad score. ›››

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