Good morning, and yes, you can milk your anus. In a manner of speaking. “A P-spot orgasm involves massaging—or ‘milking,’ as it’s sometimes called—the prostate gland,” explains Anna Pulley in VICE’s guide to giving yourself (or a partner) a life-changing orgasm with prostate milking, “[by stimulating] the rectal wall with your finger or a sex toy.” 

Too fast? Let’s pump the butt brakes. The prostate is a gland about the size of a golf ball that weighs just over an ounce, and is located right below the bladder for those with a penis. It helps keep erections hard, and is a very pleasurable zone for many people, certified sex educator Dainis Graveris tells Pulley. “On a scale from one to 100, I’d give a penile orgasm a 10 and a prostate orgasm a 100 [because] penile orgasms originate in the genitals, but prostate orgasms feel like they’re coming deep within the body. Once it hits you, it’s a totally overwhelming and beyond-this-world experience.” So, the IMAX of “male” orgasms, if you will. Often, it draws comparisons to G-spot orgasms for people with vaginas. 

One important thing to remember: This isn’t just anal play. “Internal prostate stimulation takes a softer touch and involves more precise movements,” explains Pulley, which is why the right sex toy can be so crucial. That zone is loaded with nerve endings, and the next best thing to a human finger that’s driven by a brain, is a backdoor vibrator designed by luxury Swedish sex toy geniuses. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best toys and accessories for prostate orgasms. 

The road to P-Town starts with a little self-exploration. Wipe up, lube up, and glove up (if you feel like it), and get your exploradora on down there to see what feels nice. Bodies are hot, horny, crazy swamps. Come prepared.

Take baby steps with your toys. For all things anal, always use toys with a flared base, or else a looooong wand designed specifically for the prostate from a vetted sexual wellness retailer, and know that your sphincter will suck-up water based lube much faster than oil or silicone-based lube (all our favorite lubes are this-a-way). 

LELO makes three of our favorite toys for prostate massage beginners: the Hugo, with its individual motors for both the prostate and the perineum, the Billy, which is one of our favorite super-quiet sex toys and comes with eight settings for optimizing intensity for your personal threshold, and the Loki, with a more bulbous head for prostate pleasuring. 

If you’re looking for more ergonomic possibilities, vibes like the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, We-Vibe’s Vector, and the Njoy Pure Wand (which works on both G-spots and P-spots) are some ride-or-dies for their easy insertability, ergonomic design, and fun frills like remote and app-controlled capabilities.

As for affordable options, you can always start with a bundle including this Adam and Eve’s Intro to Prostate Kit—a four-in-one set of silicone toys that includes a ring-and-plug combo, two textured plugs, and a smooth vibe—or a similar (butt different) set from Amazon.

But generally, higher-end sex toys are made with better-quality materials and stronger attention to detail. “While sex toys can be costly, it’s an investment in your body and your pleasure,” says Pulley, who emphasizes that professional tools create professional results.

Above all, be patient with your horny self. “The reward is in the trying,” says Pulley. “Celebrate any progress you make, new sensations you’ve embarked upon, and any and all orgasms you experience.” You only get one life, but remember, that life gave you many holes to fill. Bookmark Pulley’s article, as it really holds your hand through every step of prostate exploration, and read reviews of other users’ experiences with toys, such as one first timer reviewer of the Aneros Helix. “Having never tried one of these or anything like it before, I was happy to know that there’s absolutely nothing uncomfortable about [prostate toys],” they wrote, “from insertion to play. I’ve been missing out.” 

What’re you waiting for, baby? Grab your headlamp, and let’s get in there. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.