“We’d stop writing about the guy if he stopped giving us fresh crap to write about.” “Why on earth would Australia let in a reckless, twice-infected, antivaxxer who is clearly not interested in following rules, and quite possibly played fast-and-loose with the exemption protocols so that he could hit a yellow ball with a racket?”

Timeline here.

Once upon a time there was a Serbian tennis star named Novak Djokovic (or “Novax Djacovid” these days, or “Novax Jackass”, which came up as an optional term when I was Googling for non-paywall links*) who (a) is very good at tennis, (b) refused to get vaccinated, (c) despite getting Covid twice so far, and (d) insisted on playing in the Australian Open, in a country with strict vaccination requirements and not all that much Covid compared to most other nations, anyway.

* Please excuse my Deadspin, I found the best articles on this on WaPo but I’m trying to not use a bunch of paywall links to recap it all, and the Deadspin snark was enjoyable.

Originally he was permitted to be in the Australian Open, despite rules saying he needs to be vaccinated, anyway. He got some kind of medical exemption for having Covid recently. Then the Australian government had some objections to this, as he applied for a type of visa that does not allow medical exemptions for vaccination, and he was denied upon arriving in Australia. Then this got challenged and he was allowed to stay after all.

THEN people started investigating his claims regarding his last bout with Covid and found out all kinds of fishy things. Notably: (a) he had a positive test on December 16, (b) he clearly was photographed around other people maskless and with no social distancing RIGHT after that, including children. He also claimed he hadn’t been to any other countries of late, which was obviously not true according to his social media. Also, the deadline to announce your previous within-six-months Covid infection was December 10, not December 16. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.

After all of THAT, Novak’s visa was canceled AGAIN on “health and good order” grounds, and he’s currently waiting around on a hearing to see if he’ll be allowed to stay in the country and play in the Open anyway on Monday. If he loses, he could be barred from Australia for three years.