shaygan gostar’s angular treehouse in the iranian countryside

above the ground and between the leaves, treehouses never fail to stir the imagination and a sense of adventure. the latest iteration of this magical typology comes from a two-leveled treehouse in iran designed by shaygan gostar architectural group. located on a rural plot outside the city of royan, the client was looking for a new space constructed next to their existing country house. 

images by vahid joudi 

after evaluating the site, the architects decided to position the new treehouse adjacent to the house, facing a valley and the surrounding areas. they chose to retain the existing trees, integrating them within a staggered, two-level structure that repsonds to the natural slope of the site.

the first space comprises a covered terrace where the residents can enjoy lunch between the trees. the upper level contains a main living space complete with wood-burning stove. there’s also a small toilet. 

shaygan gosta consulted with specialists to realize the structure of the treehouse, which is fixed to the existing tree trunks. these experts evaluated the age of the trees and their ability to bear the loads of a new construction.

the final treehouse is clad in dark stained wood, which was chosen to better blend into the natural surroundings. the selected finish also links to the existing country house in texture. the architects tell designboom, ‘we used broken and sloping surfaces in the form of the treehouse to evoke the natural lines of the tree and also make it closer to the typology of the country house.’