“Linux fans rejoice!” writes Hot Hardware. ” Pine64’s newest smartphone is officially available for pre-order.”

PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition pre-orders opened up Tuesday. Devices that are pre-ordered before January 18th will be shipped from Pine64’s Hong Kong warehouse by January 24th and should arrive by early February…. According to Pine64, the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition is the “fastest mainline Linux smartphone on the market.” It uses a Rockchip RK3399S SoC that is composed of two ARM A72 cores (1.5GHz) and four A53 efficiency cores (1.5GHz)….

Consumers will also likely be pleased with the price of the device. The PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition currently rings in at $399 USD. The production run is purportedly “large” and interested consumers should therefore be able to easily purchase the device at this price.

Liliputing adds:
While the PinePhone Pro has better hardware than the original PinePhone, Pine64 plans to continue selling both phones indefinitely. The first-gen phone will continue to sell for $150 to $200, offering an entry-level option for folks that want to experiment with mobile Linux, while the higher-priced PinePhone Pro should offer a hardware experience closer to what folks would expect from a modern mid-range phone….

In addition to the PinePhone Keyboard, the recently launched PinePhone wireless charging case, fingerprint reader case, and LoRa cases should all work with either phone.

But the new phone has a faster processor, more memory and storage, higher-resolution cameras, a higher-speed USB-C port and support for WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.1. And those features should make it a little more viable as a replacement for an iPhone or Android device… if you’re comfortable running work-in-progress software.
They also add that “Thanks to the recent launch of the $50 PinePhone Keyboard, you can also think of the PinePhone Pro as a $400 phone that can be used as a $449 mini-laptop….”
And the Pine64 site’s January update also points out that “Pico 8 Raspberry Pi port works on the PinePhone,” adding “yes, it does run DOOM.”

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