‘the base saphanmai’ by openbox architects is a condominium in bangkok, thailand, composed of two main towers. the residential towers are connected at the base via a six-story podium that runs along the entire length of the site, while an atrium at the center of the podium allows natural light to flood the interior spaces. the two towers are topped with two distinct landscape zones: the sunrise lagoon and the sunset garden. these rooftop areas are accessed via a spiral ramp in rose gold that adds a new dimension to the overall form of the building. ‘when a functional building part is properly formed with a good material accent, the ramp is surprisingly a great visual feature element that can be perceived from great distances,’ explains openbox architects. ‘this adds to the identity elements of the development without creating additional decoration.’

all images courtesy of openbox architects


upon entering ‘the base saphanmai’, residents and visitors are met with the co-working pavilion, which is clad in a beige metal facade that resembles a lightweight fabric. openbox architects has designed the metal facade to transform from a straight surface into a dynamic curve that gently encloses the interior spaces. meanwhile, the main part of the condominium is divided into two towers, which are connected via the base podium. though located within the building, the atrium in the middle of the podium resembles an outdoor garden and brings plenty of natural light inside. ‘the internal atrium is filled with natural light, over a center tree with street furniture and street finishes to give and ironic impression of an outdoor, walking street,’ explains the bangkok-based studio.

the rose gold spiral ramp above the podium serves the main option to get to the building’s rooftop areas, since the elevator cannot reach them due to regulations. the ramp’s circular, curving form gently contradicts the main building’s rectangular shape, softening and elevating the overall appearance of the project.

the spiral ramp adds a new dimension to the overall form of the building

its circular, curving form gently contradicts the main building’s rectangular shape

metal mesh in rose gold clads the ramp