oe architect builds reflective tower in the middle of spanish vineyard

on the occasion of the festival of architecture and design in logroño, spain, oe architect – alejandro ramírez has introduced a reflective tower proposal settling amid the vineyards of the viña lanciano winery. dubbed LAN – 4, the project takes shape as an ephemeral landmark that stands out within the site, reflecting its surroundings and offering mesmerizing visuals. the structure was the winning proposal for the festival and was so loved that it stayed on site for a whole year, even though it was supposed to be removed much sooner.

all images by concéntrico 06 / josema cutillas / javier antón

‘for the festival of architecture and design of logroño, spain for its concentrico 06 edition, this winning project arises from the abstraction of the most used figure of wine’ oe architect – alejandro ramírez shares. the installation presents itself as an elongated vertical element that reaches 7.50 meters in height. the entire form intends to pay tribute to the quality and prestige of the wine—  its four exterior faces are made up of a mirror-skin, serving as a reference to the elegant glass of a wine bottle.

the tower generates a landmark on the edge of one of viña lanciano’s plots, bringing its scale closer to the context of the ebro river and the mantible bridge, creating reflections that contrast with the garnica wood interior. the LAN – 4 installation does not seek to compete with the landscape of viña lanciano, it dialogues, frames and lives with it. approaching it is perceived as a climatic barrier alluding to the mountains, but in the distance it merges with the landscape, in a poetic element, which depends on the location of the viewer, shows a facet of its location. the tower has an opening at the top that allows you to see the sky.