“I’ll say it over and over until I retire — CS teachers really do need to know CS,” says Mike Zamansky, a coordinator of CS teacher certifications. He was criticizing groups that instead provide teachers with scripted content and short-form “training”.

Long-term Slashdot reader theodp summarizes the issue:

A problem with out-of-the-box scripted solutions, Zamansky explains, is that “teachers are less and less expected as much to know their subjects, their students, and how to teach but rather to follow the script. This approach might get those students past the standardized exam but in the long run it’s not giving students what they need nor deserve.

“I’ve seen this every year in my undergraduate CS classes. Since APCS Principles was launched many of my students have come in having taken the classes and ‘passed’ the exam. Truth be told, the majority of them come in basically knowing nothing. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t come in thinking they knew quite a bit. […] School supervisors don’t know any better so they see that they can check off the computer science box. Many teachers probably don’t know better because their short term training is focusing on how easy CS is and how you don’t have to learn anything to teach it rather than the truth — it’s just like anything else, it takes time and effort to really master.”

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