a robot making security patrols of public spaces in japan

security company SECOM introduces ‘cocobo’, a robot designed to ensure peace and safety in the public spaces of japan. the innovation operates on an AI system to perform patrols and inspection work on behalf of resident security guards. running at a maximum speed of 6km/h, and giving out visual, audio, and smoke warning to suspicious individuals, cocobo catches the bad guys with the help of cutting-edge technology.

all images courtesy of SECOM

cognitive cooperation robots

the cocobo robot was developed by SECOM design factory, a collaborative project brand of SECOM (find more here), with kota nezu of znug design(find more here) and loftwork (find more here). the design focuses on concepts such as ‘harmony with public spaces’ and ‘dignity and friendliness’ so robots can be efficiently integrated into our everyday life. the name ‘cocobo’ comes from the idea of cognitive cooperation robots, referring to the creation of technological creatures that can collaborate and communicate with humans in a comprehensive manner. 

autonomous, informed and efficient

as cocobo drives around autonomously on its patrol route, AI analysis is performed in real-time on the images captured by the onboard camera, detecting trash, falls, as well as abandoned objects. the maximum speed cocobo can reach is 6km / h, and the step can run up to about 50mm. what’s more, the robot is waterproof and can run outdoors on rough roads, automatically identifying obstacles and avoiding collisions. with a battery life of three hours, cocobo monitors its energy levels and returns to the charging stand on its own, as soon as it needs to.

if cocobo spots suspicious individuals, it gives out audio or visual warnings. meanwhile, it can also threaten them and prevent them from running away by emitting smoke. during cocobo’s inspection work, an arm can be attached to inspect places that are difficult to reach, such as under the bench or at the back or bottom of the vending machine. in addition, cocobo has access to various data on the cloud, such as security systems, surveillance camera footage, as well as other information about elevators, electric locks, and other facilities and areas. in cooperation with humans, this newly unveiled robot is capable of realizing efficient and quality improvement in a wide range of security operations.


project info: 

name: cocobo
design: SECOM
in collaboration with: znug design, loftwork 

myrto katsikopoulou I designboom

jan 19, 2022