Amazon appears to have rowed back from a public threat to end support for Visa payments in the UK in a dispute over payment fees. From a report: The ecommerce giant sent an email to users of Amazon.co.uk today informing them that the “expected change” — which was due to take place on January 19 — will not now take place on that day. Although it is still not clear if the two companies have come to sustained terms on fees. “The expected change regarding the use of Visa credit cards on Amazon.co.uk will no longer take place on January 19. We are working closely with Visa on a potential solution that will enable customers to continue using their Visa credit cards on Amazon.co.uk,” Amazon writes in the email sent to UK users. “Should we make any changes related to Visa credit cards, we will give you advance notice,” it goes on, adding: “Until then, you can continue to use Visa credit cards, debit cards, Mastercard, American Express, and Eurocard as you do today.”

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