Acclaimed VR flight sim VTOL VR got a major update this month adding co-op and PVP multiplayer modes alongside a paid DLC featuring a co-pilotable helicopter for the first time.

VTOL VR is an indie combat flight sim that’s been lauded for its VR-native design ever since it first debuted in early access back in 2017. Following its 1.0 launch in mid-2020, the game has continued to see regular updates, most recently culminating in the addition of new multiplayer modes and for the first time a co-pilotable aircraft.

Released earlier this month, update v1.3.0 brings multiplayer to all players for the first time. Although developer Boundless Dynamics says the feature is still in “active development” the game now includes “several” co-op missions for up to six players and PVP missions for up to 12 players. On the roadmap for the future is custom multiplayer missions with Steam Workshop support.

Alongside the multiplayer update, Boundless Dynamics released a paid ($10) DLC which adds the AH-94 Attack Helicopter to the game. This is not only the first helicopter in the game’s aircraft roster, it’s also the first to be co-pilotable.

The helicopter is designed with a front and rear seat which share flight controls. This means that pairs of players can divide flight tasks in whatever way suits them best; for instance, one player flying while the other player handles weapons and navigation.

Image courtesy Boundless Dynamics

The co-pilot helicopter DLC has been enthusiastically received, earning it a 98% positive rating from 268 reviews at the time of writing. That mirrors the base game which continues to be lauded by players who have rated it 97% “overwhelmingly positive” across 4,500 reviews, making it the fifth best rated VR game on Steam, according to Steam250.

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