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In this episode, Frank and Andy talk to Jake Mannix, an accomplished data engineer who has had an amazing career.
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Notable Quotes
Frank heartily recommends Head Strong (00:50)
It takes a lot of time to fly from Farmville to India… (2:40)
Audible is a sponsor! (04:00)
Jake is a Chief Data Engineer for LucidWorks (06:15)
Jake describes a cool Systems Development Cycle… (10:00)
… and compares and contrasts with Customer Service and Product Engineering. (12:00)
Sometimes this cycle works “too good!” (13:10)
Learn more about Lucene. (15:00)
We now search by typing questions. Not terms. (15:40)
More about Query-Intent Classification… (17:10)
“How Do I Do Brain Surgery” – Google Search (18:25)
Smart search is based on closed loop analysis of “who clicks on what.” (19:30)
One example of public search datasets: Google Trends. (21:30)
What is a garage-door opener? (22:00)
“We expect a lot from search these days.” (26:10)
Searching Amazon for garage door. (26:40)
“Data is their foundation.” (28:00)
“I’m a data engineer.” (31:00)
“Math is fun but it’s 5% of the work.” What is most of the work? Data cleansing. (31:20)
On tensors… (31:40)
Jake likes to run long distances over mountains! (33:10)
Jake thinks self-driving cars will be cool. (37:30)
Jake shares his encounter with the Moonies, which wins the Something Different About Yourself segment (to date). (39:35)
Jake and his daughter like to listen to audio books. (43:20)
Learn more about Jake on LinkedIn! (44:00)
Jak helped build LinkedIn’s search engine! (44:44)
Check out the LucidWorks blog. (45:00)

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